Testimonial from Mr.Chandrakant Patel (UK)

Testimonial from Mr.Chandrkant Patel (UK)

Comment posted by chandrakant patel( sampatelat.gifsky.com ), 02/17/2010, 11:20 pm:
i first contacted dr mayur online,i needed implants very badly,we talked it over online and when i went to india in january, dr mayur came specially to anand from surat for my surgery, i have had 8 implants done,i have to go back in 5 months time to finalise my treatment,dr mayur has promised me the he will make me smile soon, i have complete faith in him, we still chat online nearly everyday, which shows that he cares for his patients, i would recommend him to anybody who needs implants.anyone from uk intrested plz get in tough with me and i shall advice you what to do.
my e-mail is sampatel@sky.com

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